Why Muscle Cars Struggle with Cornering. How to Improve It?

Why Muscle Cars Struggle with Cornering

Muscle cars have long been a staple of American automotive culture, prized for their raw power, aggressive styling, and thundering exhaust notes. However, despite their impressive straight-line speed and acceleration, muscle cars have often been criticized for their lackluster handling, particularly in regards to cornering. This article will explore the technical aspects behind this phenomenon, … Read more

Does a 180°F Thermostat Worth It?

Does a 180°F Thermostat Worth It

When it comes to maintaining your car’s engine temperature, thermostats play a crucial role. For many car owners, the idea of upgrading to a 180°F (82°C) thermostat is tempting, as it promises to improve engine performance and fuel efficiency. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of a 180 thermostat and help … Read more

V6 to V8 Swap: All you Need To Know

V6 to V8 swap

The process of swapping a V6 engine for a more powerful V8 engine involves several technical considerations and modifications. A V8 engine has a larger displacement and typically offers increased horsepower and torque, making it an attractive choice for automotive enthusiasts looking to improve their vehicle’s performance. However, a V6 to V8 swap is not … Read more

Nitrous Purge: All You Need To Know

Nitrous Purge: All You Need To Know

In a nutshell, nitrous purge (commonly called NOS) is a system that clears nitrous oxide from the feed lines to ensure optimal performance when using nitrous oxide injection. Now, let’s explore the fascinating world of nitrous purge and find out how it can enhance your driving experience. Understanding Nitrous Oxide Injection The Basics of Nitrous … Read more

Car JMOD Guide: Performance, and DIY Modifications

Car JMOD Guide

This in-depth guide will explore car JMODs , covering performance improvements, procedures, costs, DIY guides, risks, alternatives, and comparisons to stock transmissions. Car JMOD Performance Improvements Smoother Shifts One of the primary benefits of a car JMOD is the improvement in shift quality. By modifying the transmission valve body, the JMOD can reduce shift harshness, resulting … Read more

Programming Smart Junction Box (SJB): Step By Step Guide”

Programming Smart Junction Box (SJB)

The Smart Junction Box (SJB) is a microprocessor-based control unit responsible for managing various electrical systems within your vehicle. It streamlines the distribution of power to multiple components, such as lights, wipers, and door locks. This intelligent approach helps reduce the complexity of wiring and enhance vehicle diagnostics capabilities. How the SJB Works The SJB … Read more

Cx Racing Turbo Kit: Technical Pros and Cons from an Expert Car Mechanic

Cx Racing Turbo Kit

Founded in 2004 (owned by Kevin Xie), based in sunny California, Cx racing design and build with state of the art technology, from superflow dynomometers, turbocharger, intercooler, piping, and other accessories. The Cx Racing Turbo Kit is a popular option among muscle car owners due to its reasonable cost and potential for significant performance gains. … Read more

Bama Tune: Is It That Bad? [Explained]

Bama Tune: Is It That Bad?

Bama Tune is a performance tuning service offered by Bama Performance that promises to optimize the engine parameters of your Ford Mustang to improve its performance and power output. While there are benefits to getting a Bama Tune, there are also some technical drawbacks that should be considered before making the investment. The answer to … Read more